Natural Wedding Photography in Egremont

A shot that shows footsteps on stairs, announcing the arrival of the first guests. The drape of a piece of silk ribboned around an empty chair. The dappled light of the evening, filling the air with an orange glow. Our wedding photography captures the details that make your day your day, creating a portfolio of images that allow you to relive the experience of saying yes.

About Me

Dave’s photographed weddings since 1999, capturing the traditional, the non-traditional and everything in between. For each project, he works on an intimate basis, giving couples a collection of prints that savours their special day. He pre-plans shots, collaborating with clients, documenting on the day to take images in and of the moment.

Creativity, Experience & Documentation

We offer a mix of modern, traditional and reportage styles of photography, snapped at angles that convey the way your day looks and feels. We capture instances that reveal moments, creating images that represent a particular point in time. Our wedding photography is founded on a long-term aim to elevate wedding days, capturing the real essence of what makes them so pointedly special.


We photograph using premium digital products, supplying what we need to get the right shots based on the conditions of your day. Too often, in the moment, we’re wrapped up in what’s happening, so much so that we’re unable to step back and take it in. Our work ensures that, for your wedding, you can look back fondly, reflecting on the story of your love as it ends one chapter and starts another.

Capture Your Day The Right Way

Considering aesthetics, arrangement, and presentation, we capture images that encapsulate the essence of your wedding day, preserving moments that matter. Photography holds immense significance in its ability to still time, compiling a digital chronicle of how we live. With a professional touch, we take photographs that mark your wedding in detail, evoking the prevalent love present in the day, the occasion and the images.


Our services can be selected as required, allowing you to create a tailored product that fits in with your wedding plans. Having photographs you can look back on enable you to process the occasion in hindsight, fully understanding the opportunity granted to you and realising how special, affirming and precious it is.

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Photographs To Say ‘I Do’ To By A Wedding Photographer in Egremont

Egremont is full of history, set in a rural landscape that stretches across the horizon. As a backdrop to your wedding, the local scenery provides the opportunity to add an element of organic simplicity to the ambience of your day. Our photographs capture this atmospheric influence, shooting in a way which reflects the serenity of the environment as well as the liveliness of the celebration. At your wedding, we capture it all, zooming in on the glitz, aura and atmosphere of it to give you an album imbued with nostalgia that you can flick through forever, and ever and ever.

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